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Wedding Planning Services

Fairytale weddings don't just happen... 
                                 They are planned!

       Most wedding plans take a minimum of 100-200 hours of planning and preparation. It can be so very overwhelming at times. You may ask yourself the following questions: Who are the best vendors out there? How do you find them to meet them? How am I going to do all of this when I don't even live close by? Who has the best prices? What is the proper etiquette? How much do I spend? How do I know if a baker's cake really tastes good and is not dry? Does the baker provide a cake box to preserve the cake top for me? Where do I find decorations for the tables? Tables!!! Where do I find tables and chairs for all the guests? Do I serve punch or tea? Should I serve alcohol or a have a cash bar? Can I have recorded music or do I need to find a band or DJ? Who is going to marry us if we're from out of town? Who sits where? Who goes in first to be seated? What does the groom pay for? What is a Sand Ceremony? What is the Cup Ceremony? Oh my! How can I get all this stuff done???
              See what I mean?  And there's more questions many young (and older) brides have after they have said "Yes!" to their sweetheart. So, why not take as much stress off of yourself as possible. Let me help you plan your special day so you can relax like any other guest on your special day! 
       With special proding by newlywedded friends, family members,  and others, I have finally been persuaded to add Catering & Consulting to my agenda. I now offerß wedding planner package options to all my clients.

        * Full Service "Diamond Package" - Requires a flat fee for an event from the moment you accept the engagement ring to the moment you leave the wedding reception, to be whisked away on your honeymoon. You get assistance in creating a budget, unlimited consultations, vendor referrals, timelines, ettiquette guidelines, check sheet to keep you on schedule, and full wedding day coordination - which also includes the rehearsal, as well as the ceremony and reception. I will help you with scheduling appointments and will even go shopping with you, to advise you onsite if you like. This is the "whole nine yards"... and then some! This package also includes all services included in the Wedding Day Package described below.  *Starting at $600
        * Wedding Day "Ruby Package" - This service is a good choice for the girl who wants to do most of the planning herself. It is also the most popular package. Included in this service are sit-down consultations; unlimited phone consulting; ettiquette quidelines; coordination with other vendor services the bride has hired; reminder notices will be sent to the other venues prior to wedding day; direct the rehearsal just as the bride wants it and make sure everyone is comfortable with their duties on the day of the wedding; direct the wedding ceremony; assist at the reception to make sure all goes smoothly and/or cut the wedding cake; help decorate the reception tables if needed; and will make sure the bride (and her bridesmaids) have all the essentials for her wedding (and honeymoon). Many of these duties occur the week prior to the wedding. *Starting @ $350
       * Custom Made "Pearl Package" The price will vary depending upon the size of the wedding party, the number of invited guests, whether the reception includes a dinner or just refreshments, whether it is a destination wedding away from where you live, etc. Regardless, this package can save you lots of time... and money. You'll get planning advice, vendor referrals, and consultation to determine what you need. Let's get started!  *Starting @ $250 or $30 per hour
       * Out of Town Weddings - All out of town weddings beyond 40 miles of the Classic Cakes kitchen may require extra  fees for travel which includes gas and overnight boarding, if it is neccesary.

       Whichever package you choose, it will be my goal to make sure your wedding day is filled with joy, romance, tradtions and new beginnings. My job will be to communicate with you to better understand what is important to you, your fiance, and your families, and to help  make this day - YOUR DAY - a unique vision and reflection of you!
       I can help you find the right wedding professionals for your taste and your budget, design elements that speak to you, and make this day one that you will all remember. It will my goal to help keep you stress free, organized, having fun, and know that your wedding is going to be unique! No two brides, couples, or weddings are ever the same. My services may be customized to suit your specific needs. The choice of how involved I get is totally up to you, whether it be one hour, a little designing or decorating,  consulting assistance, more guidance and collaboration, or totally comprehensive design, consulting and coordination assistance. From start to finish, I will help you save precious time and avoid costly mistakes.
       There will be a lot of behind the scenes jobs that I do for you so you can spend more time with your family and friends. My goal is to help your dream wedding come true - on time and under budget!

Please feel free to Contact Me for additional details and/or special pricing of any of the Wedding Planner Packages listed above.