Pass The Cake!

Custom-made cakes for weddings and all occasions

Frequently Asked Questions

There are some questions that every bride-to-be has when she begins shopping for her wedding cake. Below are some of the most popular questions that I get.

Q. Do your cakes really taste as good as they look? Are they moist, or just pretty?

A. My cakes are well known for superb buttery taste. I get thank-you notes commenting on how delicious, moist and flavorful the cakes are (from guests as well as the bride!)

Q. Can you duplicate a picture from a magazine if your photo gallery doesn't show exactly what I'm looking for?

A. Sure! I'll do my best to reproduce a cake from a photo (color or black & white image). Many people like my reproductions even better than the original I was trying to copy! And of course, I love to see new ideas. Bring 'em on!

Q. Is there a cake delivery or set-up charge or will I need to pick it up myself?

A. I wouldn't dream of having a bride pick up her own wedding cake, much less sending someone else to pick it up. Everyone has so much other stuff to do on the wedding day and I can not guarantee my promises to the bride if the cake is not delivered by me personally. Unfortunately, due to the climbing cost of gas these days, there is a small delivery fee outside a 10-mile radius of my home-based business. I personally deliver and set up all wedding cakes. If you have the table decor handy when I arrive, I will be glad to decorate the cake table for you at no charge.

Q. Does the cake price include the fresh flowers on some cakes?

A. Unfortunately, no. You will need to order your flowers through your chosen florist. You get the best price that way and you're sure the flowers will match. If you're local, I'll be happy to recommend a florist that I've worked with before or I can send you photos of their work. Additional charges would be added to the final cost of the cake if I provide the flowers and/or cake topper.

Q. How is the cost of a wedding cake determined? Is it per serving/slice or are there other charges?

A. That is an excellant question that not every bride-to-be asks! The total cost of a cake cannot be quoted on the spot by most cake specialists. Many components are involved besides how many the cake will feed. Other factors that must be considered may include...
* The Style of the cake: Square & Hexagon shaped cakes are a little more than round cakes. These cakes require equally positioning two layers atop one another, double baking time for each tier, and twice as much icing or filling.
* The Location of the event: With the cost of gas going up and so many other things going on with the wedding day plans, it's only considerate to include a mileage tip for the delivery service.
* Difficulty of Design: While some brides like a simple cake, others wish to have specific details added to their cake and/or cake table. Columns, stairs, special cake pans that are not commonly used but needed, special cake topper, type & flavor of icing (fondant icing is more expensive due to the preparation and extra time involved), ribbons or pearls placed on the cake, fountains underneath the cake, etc.)
* Special Services: The cake designer's number on priority is to take the time to create the wedding cake of your dreams and deliver time to the site, time to set it up, and time to complete any other detail work required to complete the cake. Additional charges would be additional time services are needed such as staying to cut the cake, help with setting up the reception area, help with catering the event, etc.


Q. Do you offer any other flavors besides the Classic Vanilla pound cake?

A. Absolutely! Although Classic Vanilla has always been the #1 choice of most brides (or for birthday cakes), Chocolate is #2. Also popular are Lemon, Rum, Strawberry, and Almond flavored cakes. If there is a different flavor that you're craving... just ask me! My cakes are always made from scratch and are fresh with the very best ingredients (including real butter - not margarine); they're always moist and flavorful. My wedding cakes are not your average "pound cake" recipe. I use my own special "secret" recipe for wedding cakes.

Q. Can I choose more than one flavor?

A. You bet! With a 3 tier cake (or more) you may choose 1 - 2 or 3 flavors!

Q. Do you have a photo album of all of your cakes?

A. Yes, I have an online photo album (slide show of photos) and a virtual wedding cake scrapbook. Until I got a digital camera, all I had were regular printed photos of my cakes. I took photos of most of them. I only have a few photos of the cakes from back in the early days of my cake designing career. I compiled those I could find, and most recent ones into a scrapbook. I take it along to cake tastings and of course it includes a few other photos that may not appear on my webpages. Also, because some folks do not have access to the internet, this is another option for them.

Q. What can I expect from your cake package?

A. I call it a "package" because you are getting more than just a cake. I deliver and set up your cake personally, and I also decorate the cake table so it will be ready for the photographer for pre-wedding photos. If needed, I will also stay and cut your cake. This is  a $35/hr service and is not included in the cake price. I love weddings but most of all I value my clients. I want the wedding day to be the happiest, worry-free day possible.

Q. What is required to book your services?

A. I require a small retainer fee of $50.00 to save your date. I like to dedicate myself to one wedding or large event per week and this retainer fee secures me for that particular day. Until a retainer fee is received, the date is still available to any/all customers willing to submit an immediate retainer for that date. If I've penciled you in and someone else asks for that date, I will try to contact you immediately to give you the option of paying first. If you cannot be reached, your date is up for grabs. The retainer fee is non-refundable but it will be deducted from the total cost of the cake and/or services I provide for you. Final payment for cake and/or services will be due no later than 14 days (or 2 weekends) prior to the event.

Q. Do you provide your clients with a contract?

A. Yes. Once we've talked about your cake wishes, dreams, ideas, and photos, etc., I will compile a written description of your cake - known hereafter as the Cake Contract. I will also include any details we discussed in the planning process and any other details that we agreed upon so you will know exactly what you're paying for. (Example: specific details for the cake, additional services to be provided by me, rental items, time of reception, what time I should be arriving with the cake, names of persons responsible for making sure any items are returned, contact person & phone # that I may be reach if I happen to arrive earlier than expected or if I might be a few minutes late due to weather, traffic, etc., amount of deposit received, account balance due with date account is to be paid in full, etc.)  I will also include the Wedding Couple Profile with information about the couple, the wedding site, times, dates, etc. After this information is completed, I will mail you copy of the Cake Contract for you to review, sign, and return to me along with a deposit or payment in full. Complete payment must be received no later than 2 Saturdays prior to the wedding date. If there are any corrections or additions to the Cake Contract, you should notify me immediately before signing so that the edits will appear in my records.