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Congratulations on your engagement! 

I want to thank you for considering me for your wedding cake designer. The following information about pricing, deposits and liability should prove helpful for both of us in the planning process for customizing a spectacular cake for your special day.


There are many different factors that determine the final cost of a wedding cake (or customized birthday cake). Ingredients and the number of guests to serve are just a few. The design of your cake, location of the event, rental items, and other miscellaneous items or services that you request also play a part. When you've set your date and have contacted me, we will determine a date that we can meet that is convenient with both of us, to talk about your wedding day! This way I can get a better feel of what you're looking for in the design & theme of your special wedding dream cake. If you request it, I can even bring along a mini cake for you to taste. During our meeting I will take notes of suggestions and designs that you like, your colors, theme, etc. Afterwards, I will compile the list of my notes onto a contract, including all the things we discussed, a listing of other services you desire, and even a sketch of what your cake will look like from our discussion. You will have time to look it over, make any corrections, sign, and return to me. If you decide at our first meeting that you want me to hold your wedding date open for you, I require a $50 non-refundable deposit to save the date on my calendar. You are not required to make that decision on our first meeting but if you think you might, it's better safe than sorry because my cake calendar fills up pretty quick!

Security Deposit Policy

As stated above, a Security Deposit ($50 cash or Money Order made payable to Louise Grier) is required to save the date for your wedding or special event. Actually, I will also reserve 2-3 days prior to your wedding day on my calendar to make sure everything is in order as planned and on time. This Security Deposit amount will be subtracted from the final balance due. After receiving and reviewing the Cake Contract, one half of the cake balance will be due with the return of the signed Contract. The remaining balance (including additions and/or subtractions to total) will be due in full no later than two (2) weeks (or 2 Saturdays) prior to the wedding day.

In case of a cancellation: If you notify me more than 30 days prior to the wedding, all monies paid (minus Security Deposit) will be refunded. If you do not notify me of cancellation, with less than 20 days before the event was to take place, any monies already paid will be forfeited. In case of a wedding postponement, we may be able to negotiate and reschedule, if the next chosen date is not previosly reserved for another bride. This is at my sole discretion.

A separate check/deposit is recommended for returnable/rental items. Please delegate a family member or close friend to be responsible to collect those items for return to me. Your delegate must return rented items within five days to get a refund on your deposit. If items are not returned within five days, the rental deposit check/MO will be cashed and your deposit forfeited.

Liability Policy

I will make proper arrangements with the bride, groom,  their family, and wedding coordinator to safely deliver and assemble the wedding cake, any other applicable table favors, and/or the groom's cake. Once said cakes/items  are placed as the bride/groom spcified at the site, Classic Cakes will not be liable for any guests, florists, or caterer's negligence, nor the property damage, or any injury that would occur as a result of the cake being moved, rearranged, or any other way tampered with.
I also cannot assume responsibility for certain allergic reactions, or unforseeable dietary reactions to your chosen fresh cake and fillings that may occur as a result of my services and provision of your chosen cakes. It is my hope that this would never be the case. It is the bride's responsibility to let your guests know of any fruit and/or nut ingredient that may be detrimental to your guests. (i.e. peanuts, soy, pineapple, etc.) 

My service goal is your utmost pleasure with my cake services and I strive to obtain a future relationship with all of my clients.


Other Contract Information Gathered


Type of cake topper
* Flowers
* Figurine
* Initials
* Other

Flavor of cake
* Vanilla (standard)
* Chocolate
* Red Velvet
* Rum flavor
* Lemon flavor
* Strawberry
* Other

Cake Frosting
* Buttercream
* Chocolate
* Cream Cheese
* Fondant
* Other
Shape of Cake
* Round Tiers
* Square Tiers
* Hexagon Tiers
* Heart Shaped Tiers
Structure of Cake
* Stacked
* Columns
* Combination of above
* Staircase
* Satellites
Number of Tiers
1,2,3,4, or more


Rentals & Other Services Provided

____ 12" Round Silver Cake Stand
____ 14" Round Silver Cake Stand 
____ 12" Square Silver Cake Stand
____ Cupcake Stand
____ Plastic Columns for tiers (white or clear)
____ Hand-painted Toasting Flutes
____ Crystal Bowls
____ Crystal Serving Platters
____ Silver Serving Platters
____ Cake Serving Knives
____ Cake Cutting Service
____ Chocolate Fountain
____ Plume Ink Pen & Holder
____ White cage for gift cards
____ Bride's Dollar Dance Purse
____ Groom's Dollar Dance Apron
____ Table Decor Service
____ Attendant Gifts
____ Other

Birthday Cakes & Specialty Cakes

     Please notify me at least 2-4 weeks prior to your event for availability. This includes requests for birthday cakes, cake squares, or anniversary cakes, etc. Last minute cake requests may include an additional $10 surcharge. Cake prices depend on the size, number of servings, and amount of customization and difficulty.  A security deposit of 1/2 the quoted price is required to secure the date and must be received 2 weeks before the date cake is needed in order to reserve the date for your event.
     Send email and/or call for specific designs if you are looking for a design different from the ones pictured on this website. I can recreate a cake design for you, or I can customize a unique design. If requested, a sketch will be drawn of the design and emailed to you for your approval. A quoted price will be attached on the sketch as well.
     Please bookmark my website to view my newest creations that I upload upon completion. My work phone number is 910-740-1355. If someone referred you to me, or to my website, please let me know who they are. Repeat customers and referrals receive special deals throughout the year. YOU can be one of these too! Pass the word... and Pass the cake!