Pass The Cake!

Custom-made cakes for weddings and all occasions

Don't forget the Groom's Cake!

 The bride chooses her special cake for the wedding day but don't forget about the groom! Traditionally, the groom's cake is served at the rehearsal dinner but it is becoming increasingly popular to serve the groom's cake, on a separate table, near the bride's cake on the wedding day!

Groom's cakes reflect a special interest of the groom, his occupation, or favorite pasttime. The flavor of the cake may differ from the wedding cake. Some popular flavors include (but are not limited to): chocolate, rum, lemon, red velvet, vanilla, german chocolate... and other flavors.

Laptop Computer Cake
For the computer technician or geek!

Wine Bottle Cake
For the wine lover, winery manager.
(The cake above was a red velvet cake with tinted cream cheese frosting, and a customized fondant label that was requested by the groom.)

Tiered Polka Dot Zebra Cake
Used for wedding cake, couple's cake, or groom's cake.

Golf Course Cake
For the golf lover!