Pass The Cake!

Custom-made cakes for weddings and all occasions

For the Bride!

You’re about to say your vows and then you will be ready to party! Did you know that wedding guests remember the wedding cake almost as much as they do the wedding itself? Yes, it’s sad, but true. With so many bakers around, it will be a cinch to satisfy their taste buds (and your purse strings) when you choose Classic Cakes by Louise to design a unique wedding cake that is all about you! The aroma, beauty, and taste of Louise’s cakes will make a spectacular memory for you and your guests.

The wedding cake is an edible work of art and usually the centerpiece of any wedding reception. Intended for enjoyment of your guests, your wedding cake is a perfect reflection of your unique style, taste, and personality. A beautiful cake makes a wonderful first impression, but it is the flavor and quality that your guests will remember for years to come. From the moment they walk into the wedding reception area, see your wedding cake, and say “Look at that cake!”… to the pleasure you see on their face when they taste it and whisper to someone “Oh my! This is the best cake I’ve ever tasted!”… you will have them wowed!!!

Classic Cakes by Louise is not your ordinary cake designer. Louise specializes in beautiful melt-in-your-mouth buttercream icing designs over a deliciously moist cake. All of Louise’s cakes are made from scratch, using fresh, quality ingredients to ensure a highly palatable creation.

Louise can offer creative options to help you stay within your wedding budget, and dreams. She can also provide you with “kitchen cakes” or “table cakes” or cupcakes in order to achieve your vision.

“My attention to detail will make a lasting impression. It is my goal to create a cake that looks as good as it tastes.”           ~ Louise

Cake Tasting & Consultation

You will meet with Louise where she will take the time to truly understand your cake dreams. You will discuss your cake ideas and she will answer any questions you have, all while you sample a fresh wedding cake top! After all, how do you really know the quality of a baker, unless you taste their cake!

At the completion of your wedding cake consultation, Louise will try to have an actual rough draft sketch of your wedding cake, a tentative price (unless there are no future changes), an understanding of Louise’s cake quality, and a feeling of trust about her ability and services. At that time, your wedding cake order may be placed, or you can continue on your wedding cake journey. The choice is yours.

Save the Date!

To allow adequate time to be dedicated to your wedding cake, Louise limits the number of wedding cakes to one booking on any given weekend. It is recommended that you book your wedding cake date six months to a year in advance, but not later than eight weeks. The sooner is always the better.

A non-refundable security deposit is required to reserve your wedding date and will be deducted from the final price of the cake and/or services provided.


Wedding cakes come in many shapes and sizes. You can choose from round, square, hexagon or heart-shaped layers / tiers.

Louise’s wedding cakes are priced per serving with buttercream designs beginning at $3.25 per serving for round tiers. Inquire about layered square tiers and other shapes. Fondant covered buttercream is also an option and pricing begins at $4.75 per serving. Cake design, style, cake table décor arrangement, as well as delivery & set-up within a 100 mile radius of her home, will be included in the final cost of the wedding cake. Additional charges may apply for highly intricate designs and/or delivery over 100 miles (which could result in making overnight reservations). All of these options will be discussed at the consultation so there will be NO surprises.

Wedding Cake Alternatives

Cupcakes as wedding cakes are an interesting new trend. A cupcake wedding cake (with a small cake for the top) can add a whimsical touch to an already enjoyable event and can be customized to match the color s or theme of your wedding. Your guests are sure to appreciate the originality and the self-serve treat.

These small cakes are used as centerpieces to help personalize your wedding reception. They are an excellent way to add variety to your wedding or special event. They also provide fulfillment for a guest list with a wide range of palates. Instead of a vase of flowers or a mirrored candle arrangement, treat your guests to these edible centerpieces as a cake or a cupcake arrangement.
                                                PASS THE CAKE!!!

An economical way for a bride to provide additional servings in order to accommodate a large guest list, is to use cakes that are cut and served from the kitchen! They can be simple 1-tier round cakes or 2-layer sheet cakes that match the wedding cake shape, without the detailed design elements.
Kitchen cake pricing begins at $2.50 per serving.

The Groom's Cake

Don’t forget your significant other! With its roots in Southern tradition, the groom’s cake has been around for some time now. Traditionally, a groom’s cake was sliced and boxed for the unmarried girls attending the wedding. She would take it home and place it under her pillow, hopeful that the man she dreamed of would become her future husband.

Today, the groom’s cake is meant to be a reflection of the groom’s interests, hobbies, favorite sports, profession, or anything else he enjoys. Groom’s cakes can be designed to include a myriad of ideas from a baseball cap & beer cans, a laptop computer, driving range, a deer head, or a John Deere tractor! The sky is the limit. These groom’s cakes are priced individually, based upon the overall complexity of design elements, number of servings, and transportation.