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Catering Menu & Photos

Classic Cakes by Louise provides a small catering service for special events in addition to cakes for all occasions. Below are a few of the menu items that are currently offered. If you do not see a favortie item that is not listed below, contact Louise and ask if it can be added and/or when it would be available. You can also see some of the photos following the list below:

Wedding Cakes (Inquire about size, servings, etc.) 

Sheet Cake:
       Specialty Sheet Cake (customized decorations & size)
       Regular Sheet Cake (basic decoration)
Sheet cakes can be made to serve from 20 - 200+ for your event.

Cake Squares:
       Topped with rosettes (in your choice of color)
       Topped with baby booties (in your choice of color)
       Topped with silver or gold wedding bands

       Meat & Cheese Trays (Small or Large)
          Small -
               Ham & Turkey
               Swiss Cheese & American Cheese
Large -
               Ham & Turkey & Roast Beef
               Swiss Cheese & American Cheese

       Sausage Balls (by the doz. - min. 4 doz.)

       Savory Meatballs in Sauce

       Chicken Drumettes (by the doz. - min. 5 doz.)

Vegetable Display

Fruit Display

Dips: (Hot or cold dips made of meat or vegetable base to be used for chips, Scoops, Tostitos, meats, fruits, veggies, etc.)

Sandwich Trays:
       Chicken Salad (Small or Large)
       Pimento Cheese (Small or Large)

Cheese Balls:  Several varities in small or large; crackers included upon request

Cheese Straws (by the doz. - min. 2 doz.)

Lady Fingers (by the doz. - min. 3 doz.)

Mini Muffin Chocolate Brownies (by the doz. - min. 3 doz.)

Cheesecake Tarts (by the doz. - min. 3 doz.)
       Cheesecake topping choices: Cherry, Strawberry, Blueberry, or  Chocolate

Chocolate Fountain (with cake cubes and assorted fruits in surrounding containers)

Punch Fountain (various punch colors for the clear fountain)

Other sweets & desserts (by the doz.) Inquire via email or phone for the special requests.


More to come later!
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If you have a special favorite not listed above, contact Louise with the link below, to ask if it can be added. If you need pricing on any items above, email with "price list" in the subject line.

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 Or call and ask for the Cake Lady!
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